The GOES-16 Version of GOES-R IFR Probability

GOES-R IFR Probability fields computed using GOES-16 Data and Rapid Refresh Model Output, 1042 UTC on 3 October 2017 (Click to enlarge)

GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational and are undergoing testing

The suite of GOES-R IFR Probability products are now being computed using GOES-16 data, with a 5-minute temporal cadence over CONUS.  Products include IFR Probability (above), Low IFR Probability, MVFR Probability and Cloud Height.  These products are only available for now at ;  however, work is progressing to have the fields available through an LDM feed.  The GOES-R IFR Probability fields computed using Legacy GOES (GOES-13 and GOES-15) continue to flow to the National Weather Service via the LDM.